Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sun, Safety & Your Sanity

Sun, Safety & Your Sanity
Who's counting down the days to lazy summer afternoons, cooling off at the pool, and dreamy beach vacations? Who are we kidding? For lots of moms, summertime can be anything but relaxing. From endless sunscreen latherings (one of my biggest pet peeves) - to constant monitoring of your little toddler's every last move near water - to your never-ending quest to find comfort for you child and yourself in the hot, salty sun...summer break can be downright exhausting. Yet these tasks are a rite of passage for every mom. They must be tackled, no matter how challenging or time-consuming. So today, thanks to our friends at Babies R Us, I'm featuring clever products and suggestions that can help moms reclaim their sanity while enjoying a safe, sun-filled summer!
Clever Tips and Tricks 
Lots of these suggestions come from products you already use around the house, or can easily add to your beach bag or your packing lists this summer!

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