Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prayer for the USA

The following prophecy was given by Dr. Creflo A. Dollar on January 15,
The Spirit of the Lord says, "This country will be like a stump, like a tree
that's been cut down and the only thing you can see is a stump. Many will
say, 'What happened to the power of that great nation?' Many will say, 'What
happened to what they once had?' The Spirit of the Lord will have you to
know, I will reduce it to a stump. I will cause the tree to fall down, but
it will rise again."

"The Spirit of the Lord would have you to know like an eagle that goes
through a period of time where it flies and hides itself and beats its beak
off and loses its feathers, and yet there comes a time when the beak grows
new again and the feathers grow new again, and it continues to rise high; so
likewise it shall be in this nation. Although it shall be reduced as a stump
  I will cause it to be regenerated. It'll rise high and it'll be greater
than it's ever been before, for I have a covenant with this land," saith the

"These things will surely come to pass at last, at last, at last. These
things will surely come to pass at last, at last, at last. Don't fret
because of the mentality of this land. Don't fret because they have turned
their back against My Word and My way. I will not give up on this nation,"
saith the Lord. "Although it will be reduced to a stump and like an eagle
will lose its wings, I will cause it to be regenerated again. The greatness
of this nation shall be seen once again. So I depend on you to go ahead and
pray this nation on through. For these things will surely come to pass and
have even begun now," saith the Lord.

"So continue to be obedient to pray for this government. Continue to be
obedient to pray for this land. I will not forsake it because of its
relationship with Israel. It'll be great and it'll have impact. Great things
will happen like the eagle that's been rejuvenated. So rejoice and be
exceedingly glad, for I am God and I will watch over this land. Do not be
moved by what you see. For I am telling you so you can know it right now.
Just pray. Just pray. Just pray. Just pray and you'll cause things to be My
way," saith the Lord. "I'll honor My Word in these days. For this that I
have spoken through My prophet has begun. It is going on even now, but I
will be faithful to My Word. This nation shall rise again in Jesus' name,"
thus saith the Lord.

Dear Father,

We will not give up on this nation!

We plead the Blood over all of the schools in America!

The plan and presence of God moving though each child!

A greater Holy Ghost influence within each teacher

Thank you for the increase and the overflow

We declare the precious Blood over the President of the United States

Showing him today!

Covering our leaders with the precious Blood of Jesus!

All of Your plans for this nation!

You said we would rise again!

Thank you for the awakening and the outpouring of Your Spirit

For the rain!

Declaring for things to be settled down on the inside

Your glory, presence, and anointing we need!

We plead the Blood over our connection with Israel

We will NOT go in another direction!

It will go up and be brought farther and wider!

God bless America!

Seeing supernatural miracles all over America!

From the mountains all the way to the valley!

In Jesus' name. Amen