Thursday, August 22, 2013

What do I believe in?

"What do I believe in?"
I Believe

I believe that most people are inherently good.
I believe, when given a chance, most people will do the right thing.
I believe that most Americans will do anything for their families.
I believe in God the Father Almighty, the maker of the Heavens and Earth.
I believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.
I believe that he died and on the third day of his death he became alive again so he could wash away the sins with his blood for all who trust and believe in him.
I believe you can have eternal life in Heaven.
I believe that opportunity is usually disguised as hard work. 
I believe that the free enterprise system is a gift from God. 
I believe that the ability to forgive and forget will set you free. 
I believe that the harder you work, the luckier you get.
I believe in Liberty.
I believe in choosing to be happy. 
I believe in accepting responsibility for everything that happens to me. 
I believe that every challenge or obstacle is an opportunity to become a better person. 
I believe that life can be tough, but at the end of the day, life is what you make of it.
I believe in my Family.
I believe that evil exists.
I believe in demons and the devil. That they are the reason that evil and sin exist. 
I believe it is my responsibility to protect all that is good from all that is bad. 
I believe in preparing for the worst while expecting the best. 
I believe in the natural-born and inalienable right to self protection. 
I believe in myself.
I believe that a gun cannot be good or bad. It is simply a thing. A tool.
I believe that some people cannot be trusted with any type of instrument that can cause harm to anyone or themselves. 
I believe that the founders of our Country used these tools we call guns to liberate themselves from tyranny.

I believe in being peaceful and avoiding conflicts at all costs.
I believe in fighting as if the lives of my family depend on it...because they do!
I believe in the power of prayer.

This is what I believe.

E.S. Ray

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